Work – Life Balance

How can you achieve a good balance between your work and your life?  Times are tough and the economy is neither friendly nor forgiving any more.  Struggle seems to have become a key word. 
Please look with me at a typical scenario.
You want to make a better life for your family, to ensure their happiness and success in life.  This is the main drive and motivation which causes you to throw yourself enthusiastically into your work.  Your energy and motivation produces good results.  Your income is OK but nothing to write home about.  Just a little more effort and things will get better.  But the big break is slow in coming.
Time slips by as weeks turn in to months and months turn into years.  You realise that you are no longer enthusiastic or motivated about your job.  You go to work dragging your feet and work into the night.  The family you are doing all this for is growing up around you and you are no longer part of it.  You are so busy working to make a better life for your family that you are now losing the ones you are doing it all for.
Does this sound familiar?
The key to balancing your work and your life is to determine what is important for you.  To get out of this destructive habit pattern you must realign your time to reflect your priorities. 
If you are out of alignment with your values you will never work at your peak efficiency.  If this is you, you are probably working at 60% of your abilities at best.  By realigning yourself to what matters to you, your efficiency with rise significantly.  You will accomplish more in less time and be building towards the future you want.
While nobody but you can do this realignment, you will usually need assistance to make the change.  It will involve a change of thinking and is like breaking a well established habit.  This is where a Life Coach can help you.  It does require effort but it will produce the life that you want for yourself.
Don’t delay.  Start today.  Creating a good work-life balance is absolutely vital to your future.