“What a tool this life coaching has been for me.  It has impacted not only my business but also my personal goals!  Desley has impacted by whole life for the better.  My progress has been overseen in an understanding yet firm way, ensuring I focused on the goals and not everything going on around me.  Desley allowed me to be myself and with a very indepth understanding of me I always felt I could trust her. 
My music business has increased and is still increasing.  I have achieved the goals that I wanted.  I have also gained a greater understanding of relationships, how important they are and how to set boundaries.”

Ethal, Business owner

Discovering Purpose

“Before starting coaching I felt overwhelmed and directionless.  I kind of knew what I wanted (at least I thought I did) but I had no idea how to get it.  Through the coaching Desley has encouraged me to look at things in completely new ways to the point where I’m now making fantastic progress towards my new, clear, focused, meaningful goals. 
Thanks to these sessions I now have no doubt that I will exceed any goal that I will set for myself.  I could not have done this without Desley’s guidance, and I look f orward to scheduling some catch-up sessions in the future.”

John, Internet Marketing Business

Work/Life Balance

“Desley has helped me enormously to:- 
      – exmine my lifestyle and behaviour
      – think about what my priorities are at present and what I really want them to be
      – set goals, define what steps I need to take to achieve them 
          and see how to overcome obstacles
      – manage my time realistically
I feel motivated and I am taking appropriate actions towards achieving my goals.  I feel more confident and in control of my life.”

Shirley, Sales Representative


“I have really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Desley.  I was able to focus on my goal and develop good action plans towards achieving my goal.  Desley was very supportive and positively encouraged my progress.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Sheena, Health Care Professional


“I have been able to progress significantly with projects I have undertaken but had (prior to coaching) been stalled for over a year.  I have been able to prioritise the work and find out exactly what was preventing me moving forward. 
A significant step was the observation by Desley that I did not recognise what I had achieved but focused on what I had not finished.  Being aware of this has helped me to progress and to enjoy the successes I have had.”

Linda, Adult Education Teacher