Discovering Purpose

“Choice, not chance, determines human destiny”  -  Robert W. Ellis

You have amazing gifts and qualities inside you.  You were made to be a winner and do great things in your life.  But without purpose you will spend day after day feeling like you are busy going nowhere.  If you only ’wish’ things were different you will never know fulfilment.  You will merely exist, feeling unhappy and bored, no matter how busy you make yourself.  It takes a decision to make things different, a choice to reach for something more.

True fulfilment comes with discovering the Greatness inside you and the purpose for which you have been made and stepping into your Destiny.  This is where Life Coaching comes in.


Make you life count  -  Be ALL you can Be

 As your Life Coach, I will:

                  -  Help you discover the giftings and greatness you have inside you

                  -  Explore what helps you feel happy and fulfilled, or create new options

                  -  Help you visualise and plan the future you want

                  -  Support you as you begin fulfilling your Destiny