Purpose and Destiny

“Who are you?” asked the priests and Levites of John the Baptist. 
They were questioning what right he had to be doing what he was doing, what the purpose was behind his actions.  John did not answer with “I am John son of Zacharias.  I am of a good priestly family.”  Nor did he say, “I got an A* at Rabbi school.  I live on a special diet to make me holy.”  Nor did he have to go away and pray and fast for three weeks to find out who he was.
John already knew the destiny God had for him on the earth.  He knew exactly where he fitted.  He answered with, “I am not the Christ”.  When they pressed him further and made many other suggestion of where he could possibly fit in he said, “No”.  He then stated his divine purpose to them, rooted in the unchangeable word of God.
John was no different to us today.  We have a divine purpose and destiny that God has placed in us when we were born.  That purpose is unique for every one of us.  We must firstly discover it and then fulfil it. 
It was not enough for John to know that he was called of God or even that he was called as a prophet.  He had to know who he was called to minister to and where he fitted into God’s plan and purpose.  And he had to be so convinced of that, that he would not be swayed by other people’s ideas. 
In our lives we need to know who we are.  Many Christians drift from ministry to ministry in the church trying everything to seek out where they fit in.  They never really accomplish anything and are never fulfilled.  Fulfilment comes from finding your purpose and sticking to it like glue, knocking obstacles out of the way and reaching your destiny. 
See the full story in John chapter 1 versus 19 to 28.
Don’t delay.  Start today.  Make it your priority to find your God-given purpose and move towards fulfilling your destiny.